Fun Activities to Do with Your Baby While Babywearing

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Babywearing, the practice of carrying a baby in a baby carrier wrap or infant sling, is not just a convenient way of keeping your little one close; it’s also a wonderful opportunity to engage in a variety of fun activities. Here’s a list of delightful and practical activities that you can enjoy with your baby, all while making the most of your baby sling. 

Take a Walk Outside to Look at Nature 

Immersing yourself and your baby in nature is not only relaxing but also educational. With your baby snuggled securely in their baby carrier wrap, take a stroll in your local park or around the neighborhood. Point out different trees, flowers, and birds. The fresh air is great for both of you, and the visual stimulation of the outdoors is wonderful for your baby’s developing senses. 

Dance Around the House to Fun Music 

Who says you can’t have a mini-dance party with your baby? Secure your little one in their infant sling and let the rhythm take you away. Dancing is a fantastic way to bond and also a great form of exercise. The gentle movements can be soothing for the baby, and the music introduces them to different sounds and rhythms. 

Read Books Together While Cuddling Close 

Reading to your baby is a fantastic way to encourage language development. While they are cozy in their baby sling, grab a colorful picture book and narrate the story with enthusiasm. This activity not only helps with bonding but also fosters a love for reading at a young age. 

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Do Household Chores Like Laundry or Washing Dishes 

Babywearing makes multitasking easier. Engage in light household chores while your baby is in the baby carrier wrap. Explain what you are doing as you sort the laundry or wash the dishes. This way, your baby is learning through everyday activities, and you are getting things done around the house. 

Go Grocery Shopping and Chat About All the Foods You See 

Grocery shopping can be an educational excursion for your baby. As you walk down the aisles with your baby in their sling, talk to them about the different foods you see. Describe the colors, shapes, and textures. This activity is not only entertaining but also stimulates your baby’s cognitive development. 

Take Baby on Errands to the Bank, Post Office, Etc. 

Running errands doesn’t have to be a chore when you have your baby along for the ride in their infant sling. Whether it’s a trip to the bank or the post office, narrate your actions to your baby. This gives them a sense of the world around them and helps in language development. 

Sit Outside and Blow Bubbles for the Baby to Watch Pop 

Something as simple as blowing bubbles can be mesmerizing for a baby. Sit outside with your little one in their baby carrier wrap and let them watch the bubbles float and pop. The colors and movements provide visual stimulation and can be incredibly calming for both baby and parent. 

Take Baby Along While Running Local Errands Like Going to the Pharmacy or Dry Cleaners 

Incorporate your baby into your daily routine by taking them along to the pharmacy or dry cleaners. The change in scenery and the new environments provide a great sensory experience for your baby, all while they are comfortably nestled in their baby sling. 

In conclusion, babywearing is not just a practical tool for parents; it’s a gateway to a world of shared experiences and bonding moments with your baby. By incorporating these activities into your daily routine, you not only enrich your baby’s early experiences but also strengthen the special bond between you and your little one.