Symbolization and Importance of Red Flowers

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The colour red stands in flowers for true love, passion, desire, beauty, vigour, power, respect, courage and affection. That is the reason many people love to express such beautiful feelings over some ravishing red flowers like roses, carnations, gerberas, petunias, anthuriums, water lilies and much more. It is quite aptly said that when words fall short, red flowers tend to emote your feelings in the most heartwarming manner. Since ages, people love to speak of their feelings over some red flowers. Quite just like many other coloured flowers, red flowers even have their set of important factors/ properties which results in bettering our lifestyle. Check a list of importance of these red coloured flowers from below.


  1. Makes A Versatile Gift – Often, we find ourselves in a position wherein we have a hard time figuring out what to gift our loved ones on their special days like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s etc. That is exactly when the thought of gifting red flowers comes to our mind. Red flowers coming in mesmerising floral arrangments are surely one of the most versatile gifts of all times that it receives much love form the recipient till date.
  2. Instantly Release Stress And Anxiety – Is some of your loved one facing some big issue in their life? Then, send a bouquet of some garden-fresh red flowers to them and see the magic it creates. It will instantly uplift their mood and make them feel happier. Many pieces of research have proved the sight of red flowers in humans tends to release happy hormones or endorphins, which is what makes them forget all kinds of blues, making them a happy person.
  3. Makes A Special Event, Even More, Special – You remember the last time when you attended a wedding ceremony or any other celebratory event? What is the first thing that comes to your mind remembering that wedding? We are pretty sure it was the red floral decorations that were being done at the venue. Isn’t it? Red flowers add their innate charm to any regular venue and make it look super dreamy.
  4. Have Some Medicinal Properties – Red flowers have some medicinal properties which surely can’t be overlooked. Red marigolds are said to be blessed with magical medicinal properties which tend to improve our immunity and relieves us from stomach aches. Whereas hibiscus is said to boost the digestive and immune system.
  5. Red Flower Plants Cleanses The Air – Red anthurium flower plants, are one of the many red flowering plants which not just beautifies one’s room interiors but also cleanse the toxins from the air.
  6. Helps Us To Walk On The Path of Righteousness – Spiritually speaking, red flowers symbolise purity, strength and selflessness. Also, as per Greek mythology, a red rose is said to be affiliated with the goddess of love, Aphrodite. In Korean mythology, red carnations are said to be attached to divination, whereas lilies as per ancient Egyptians were said to be associated with chastity purity or virginity.

That’s all, folks! Hope we have made the symbolism and the importance of the red beauties clear to you all.